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Tandem Skydiving
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The Process of Your Tandem Skydive

On Arrival:

  • Fill out the required paperwork and provide a picture ID
  • A USPA certified instructor will brief you on equipment and technique for the Skydiving Iowa network tandem experience

Your 15 Minute Call:

  • After your instruction you will be told the time of your flight
  • You will be called into the gear room to be fitted into the best harness and jumpsuit for you. If you have chosen a video or camera package, your instructor will discuss the type of pictures you would like during the time
  • Your instructor will walk with you to the plane while going over what you have learned

Climbing to Altitude:

  • Board the airplane and prepare yourself for a flight above 10,000 feet!
  • As the plane climbs to the required altitude, your instructor will prepare you for the jump while you sit back and enjoy the ride

The Jump:

  • The door opens; feel the breeze creep across as you prepare to jump
  • Freefalling at 120 mph, throw caution to the wind and feel free to scream your excitement to your hearts content! Your tandem master will control your flight while you lose yourself in the adrenaline rush of around 40 seconds of freefall!

The Landing

  • At about 5000 ft, either you or your Skydiving Iowa network tandem master will pull the ripcord to open the parachute
  • Should you request, your tandem master may do flips with you or let you take the reigns and turn the parachute!
  • Sit back and enjoy the ride as the rest is smooth sailing with a beautiful view above the earth
  • Last and in no way least, land safely on the target area where your videographer waits to film your landing

If you choose the Skydiving Iowa network VIDEO PACKAGE, a professional Videographer will capture your experience from start to finish. Starting with the a candid insterview before your Skydiving Iowa experience, your video will serve as a storyline of evidence for all the doubters who were too chicken to jump.

Although you may only spend 3-4 hours on average, with the training, preparation, aircraft ride, skydiving experience itself, and video dubbing, we think you should plan on a half day for the entire Skydiving Iowa experience. When you are ready to leave, you will get an approximately 6-8 minute professional production, complete with special effects and music to relive the experience.

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Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)- Assisted Solo Skydive

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is one of the safest and the most advanced methods of Skydiving Certification in Iowa. It requires a more time and effort to learn, and it can be the best of both worlds for your first jump as it allows you to begin Skydiving in Iowa under your own parachute. The Iowa Accelerated Freefall program that you will be entered into is designed to test your skills, and move on only after each skill has been adequately learned. The assistance of two Skydiving Iowa network tandem masters gives you the utmost safety throughout the dive. If you are interested in becoming certified then see our skydiving training section on the site.

  • Fill out the required paperwork and provide a picture ID
  • A certified USPA instructor will brief you on equipment and technique for the first level Iowa Skydiving network Accelerated Freefall

Level 1 of the AFF

Expect to take a classroom course that takes approximately five to six hours to complete.

  • After climbing to around 14,000 feet, you depart the aircraft with 2 Skydiving Iowa newtork Tandem Masters to assist you in freefall
  • At your Skydiving Iowa network Tandem Master's descretion, either you or he will pull the ripcord to open the parachute
  • Enjoy the glide to the landing area with the assistance of two-way radios for your safety

When your instructor returns to the ground, he or she will review the jump with you and will fill out your logbook. Hang onto your logbook, as it serves not only as a record of your accomplishment, but as important documentation of the training you have received as you progress toward becoming a full-fledged Skydiver in Iowa.

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